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Finding the right place to live plays a very important role in the success of your language studies in Canada. No matter what type of accommodation you select, it will be a very enriching experience that will lend itself to your academic life at BLI.

BLI understands the importance of feeling at home when you are away from home. BLI offers a wide variety of options, depending on your specific needs and criteria.



Living with a host family is a great and unique way to immerse yourself in the cultures and languages of Canada, for it allows you to live a family experience. All our host families are carefully selected and have to meet BLI quality criteria. We ensure that all host family homes meet safety and hygiene standards. All BLI homestay families live within a reasonable distance from the school. The average commute time between a homestay and BLI, by public transportation, is 20-60 minutes. Your homestay host(s) will provide you with a private or shared room that is furnished with a bed, a closet/armoire, and a desk. There is no better way to improve your language skills than by living the language you are learning. BLI homestay program offers you a complete language immersion experience.
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Student Residence

Residence accommodation is an option for students who enjoy the independence and privacy of living on their own. You will have a private or shared room, according to your specific request(s). Depending on the option chosen, kitchen, bath and laundry facilities will be shared with other students. You must reserve at least 2 – 3 months in advance – as the spots are limited and can only be booked for 1 month or more.
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We pride ourselves in our large range of furnished studio apartments located in the best places to stay in Montreal. Our guarantee is to give our students unsurpassed value in furnished apartment rentals and housing.
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