Welcome to BLIYour First Day


We are looking forward to welcoming youYour first day of classes

On your first day of school, our friendly and experienced staff will welcome you upon your arrival. There will be an orientation session for all new students to get to know our school policies. During the session, we will also give you an introduction about the city, accommodation information as well as activities after school. You will receive a well-designed information kit to help you understand all details related to the school and all useful information about the city.

We will take your picture and will give you a tour of the school and its surroundings to help you get familiar with the new environment.

We understand that you would feel nervous on the first day, but rest assured that our administrative staff and teachers will guide you through this adaptation period. Remember that we will always be there to take care of you and answer all your questions.

This is a general overview of what will happen during your first day:

Orientation Session
Oral placement test
Walking tour of the area surrounding the school
Schedule assignment and buying books
Picture taking for school ID
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