Your gateway to Canada!

Ideal for ambitious students of all levels and backgrounds who want to access world-leading education in Canada.

The Pathway program allows students to successfully pass the language proficiency (English or French) required by post-secondary schools in Canada.

The best part is that you can start this program from your own country and end it by going to Canada.

In addition, thanks to the multiple BLI agreements, it is possible to take advantage of a wide range of programs and start the registration process for these courses with the support of the BLI team.

Your Path to Higher Education

Pathway programs are especially useful for international students who want to study in Canada,
but do not yet have the English or French skills required in Canadian colleges.

Why choose BLI Pathway program

Start online courses for a maximum of 6 months at a reduced price.

Complete your experience with 8 weeks of face-to-face lessons in Canada for total immersion.

Save time by using a one-stop shop for registering your school

Post-secondary education programs allow you to work in Canada while studying for 20 hours and after studying depending on the length of your program you can get a maximum of 3 years (PGWP).

Children of school age (5-17 years) can come and study for free in public schools.

Steps to follow

Step 1

Start online courses for a maximum of 6 months at a reduced price.

Step 2

Determine your language study time and your professional schedule.

Step 3

Enroll in the online course and the professional program.

Step 4

Start your studies online

Step 5

Process your study permits for your trip to Canada.

Meet our happy BLI international students

I had the opportunity to study in the pathway program, which is a pre-requisite to study Interior Design.

BLI is a formal and professional institution that improved their technology in order to bring the best service to all of their students. I will give the same opportunity to my son, who is going to study English at BLI to prepare him to study in University.

Don’t waste your time and money looking anywhere else. BLI is your option.

Ericka Leticia Rosas Dominguez

From Mexico

Before studying at BLI, I had a hard time finding an English Institute that allows me to continue my study in college. However, thanks to the BLI Pathway Program, I could easily complete the prerequisite and now studying the sustainable architecture program at Herzing College.This program has given me an amazing experience to significantly improve my English skills, become more confident, and prepare well for my college journey. Thank you so much for your guidance and support during my study.And if you have the chance to get there, I know you are definitely on the right path.

Balath Bo

From Combodia

When I came to Bli I had very good teachers, I am a very shy and nervous person, but they helped me a lot to let go from the beginning, on the other hand, you meet a lot of people with very different cultures from yours and to be able to communicate with all of them is really enriching.

When I first came to Herzing it was not easy because now I was facing the College but with each day I started to feel more and more comfortable in my program, not to mention that Bli was always there for me for what I needed.

My husband arrived with a work permit and he found a very good job very quickly and despite the pandemic he has worked very well and has very good bosses and he is also studying French and he is about to pass the TEFAQ exam and be able to continue with our projects and become permanent residents in Canada.

Judith Gualdrón

From Columbia