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Junior After School Program

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Welcome to BLI Language School’s premier Junior After School Program – an exciting gateway for young minds to embark on a bilingual journey in English and French. Our specially crafted curriculum transforms language learning into a captivating adventure, blending interactive methods, cultural enrichment, and the expertise of our certified instructors. Discover the joy of small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention for your child’s optimal learning experience. With flexible scheduling options and progress tracking, our program is designed to accommodate your busy schedule while keeping you informed of your child’s linguistic milestones. Join BLI Language School today and watch as your child blossoms into a confident and proficient bilingual communicator. Enroll now for an enriching after-school experience that opens doors to a world of linguistic possibilities!

Jun 8th, 2024 / Oct 12th, 2024

10~17(ESL / FSL)
G9 and above(Quebec Ministry exam preparation)

16 weeks

9:30am ~ 12:30pm / every Saturday

English and French

English & French(1 class each)

Enhance your academic performance and grades
A proficiency assessment test is mandatory before the program begins

Comprehensive instruction in all four essential skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening

max 10 students per class

Discussion / Presentation / Academic Writing (QC Ministry exam preparation)

$110 (Once upon initial registration) 
Minimum registration 8 wks(552 CAD)

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