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CDI College has been helping students build their careers for over 40 years. The college offers solid, market-driven programs that focus on helping students develop the skills that are in demand by the leading employers in the business, technology, and health care industries.

Whether you are just beginning your training or you are looking for professional advancement through continued education, CDI College can help you. In a matter of months, you can complete a career-focused program that ensures you build a skillset to help you launch a meaningful career.

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Start dates
Depends on the program, please contact our University Pathway department.
Application Deadline
Rolling Admission
Language Requirement
BLI English level 8 or BLI French level 6 (Official secondary 5 French results are required for Nursing programs)
If you need accommodation during the time you are taking your program please contact our housing department.
Program offered in
English and French
Art and Design Programs

There is growing demand for skilled 3D modelers and animators for film, TV, and video game design. CDI College’s 3D Modeling Animation & Design – NTL.0Z program gives you a solid foundation in the artistic and technical skills you need to thrive in these competitive industries.

The program teaches key concepts like video game design programs, 3D modeling software, colour theory, life drawing, and other design fundamentals. Students will put their skills to use in the the production and animation of lighting, texturing, characters, layout and design. Graduates of this program will have built a strong portfolio that they can use to launch their careers in animation and design.

Students will be prepared to work in a variety of CGI-based industrie

The program duration is 1800 hours. Of this number, 780 hours are devoted to the acquisition directly related to the control of occupational tasks and 1020 to the acquisition of broader skills. The program is divided into 21 courses varying in length from 45 to 120 hours.

This training provides access to several international technical examinations such as the A + of CompTIA, the Cisco IT Essentials, CCNA Cisco and several Microsoft certifications.

This program is offered in English only.


CDI College’s Graphic Design – NTA.1U program is designed to train students for professions such as illustrator, scientific or medical illustrator, advertising designer, layout editor, or graphic artist.

The Graphic Design program is comprised of two important components: an artistic component – which allows students to develop their creativity and their artistic sense, and a technical component – through which they acquire skills in drawing, editing, typography, graphic communications and multimedia software. The projects undertaken are directly linked to the true nature and demands of the market and reproduce realistic working conditions in order to foster the development of the expected skills and attitudes in students.

This program is offered in French or English.

WEB DESIGN | AEC | 1200 Hours

CDI College’s Web Design – LCA.C0 program is designed to train professionals for positions such as web page designer, website architect, website developer, web programmer, web designer or webmaster.

The program is comprised of two important components: a technical component – students acquire the skills needed in web programming, including training in the use of several software, in programming, in database and data management, and in server related technologies – and a creative component which allows them to develop their artistic ability through principles of design, colour and image processing.

The program features several assignments, exercises and projects, including the creation of a professional portfolio. The projects undertaken are directly linked to the true nature of the work and students learn in realistic working conditions in order to foster the development of the required skills and attitudes.

This program is offered in French or English.

Business Programs

The financial management industry is fast-paced and competitive. You need a strong education in practical accounting and management in order to succeed. CDI College’s Financial Management – LEA.AC program provides hands-on training in the key areas of financial management such as computerized accounting systems, financial analysis and information systems management.

You will develop an understanding of personal financial planning, taxation, marketing and business software. The program gives you a strong understanding of the legal and ethical implications of financial and wealth management, along with payroll and other key business concepts. You will also participate in two separate end of studies project or a practicum placement, which will give you the opportunity to put your classroom education to work in a real world workplace.

This program is offered in French or English.


Casualty insurance protects people from financial loss in the face of lost or damaged property. This program provides you with a relevant and current education on insurance for property and vehicles. Students will also learn the legal aspects of damage insurance and processing claims.

CDI College’s Property and Casualty Insurance – LCA.BF program will train you on the policies, procedures, and technology necessary to operate in insurance jobs. It also focuses on key business skills such as customer service. Graduates of this program will be prepared to write the three exams of the Autorité des marcées financiers (AMF) in damage insurance: Automobile, Household and Legislation.

This program is offered in English or French.

Dental Programs

Are you ready to focus your great people skills and attention to detail into a rewarding career in the dental industry? CDI’s Dental Assistance -5644 (English) program can help. This program prepares you to excel in dental assistant jobs. Our instructors are dental professionals who use their real-world experience to teach students the organizational and communication skills they’ll need to succeed in a fast-paced dental office.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to become dental assistants in private or public healthcare offices. CDI College supports its graduates to find dental assistant jobs by providing resume help, interviewing tips and more.

For convenience and in order to make the program more accessible to students, the CDI Montréal campus now offers the Dental Assistance program on weekends.

This program is offered in French or English.

Early Childhood Education Programs

Early childhood education jobs are fun and rewarding. CDI College’s Early Childhood Education – JEE.13 program will prepare you for a career working with children.

The program covers child development, relationships, activities and lesson plans. Students will be taught to organize fine arts, expressive arts, health and safety, storytelling, and self-esteem building lessons for small children. Interpersonal communications, organizational skills, and stress and time management skills are also developed.

Students gain hands-on experience through a practicum. Graduates of this program will be qualified for roles in daycares or may seek work in other child-oriented service centres.

Program Objectives

CDI College’s Early Childhood Education – JEE.13 program allows students to:

· plan and organize activities for pre-school and school-age children (0-12 years of age in Canada);

· provide care and guidance to children under the supervision of certified early childhood educators;

· lead children in activities that promote their intellectual, physical and emotional growth; and

· stimulate emotional, language, social, and moral development while preparing children for life in society.

This program is offered in French or English.

Health Care Programs

Modern medical offices demand medical office assistants who have hands-on knowledge of the latest software programs. CDI College’s Specialist in Applied Information Technology – LCE.3V Option: Medical Office Assistant certification shows potential employers that you have experience in Microsoft Office applications such as Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

This program is offered in French or English.


CDI College’s Assistance in Health Care Facilities program helps students develop a solid background in techniques and methods to provide support to people living in residential care and other assisted living facilities. The program offers in-depth training so students develop the core competencies needed to work in the field and develop the personal attitudes related to the profession.

Program Objectives

With the help of an intervention plan, this program trains the student to provide care, assistance and services related to the needs of a patient of any age. The students also learn to welcome and integrate persons in the care unit, provide care and comfort specific to the context of the unit, and adapt the basic care and services to the client’s condition as well as to the apparatus required.

This program is offered in English or French.

The Health, Assistance and Nursing Program – 5325 of the Collège CDI prepares the student to work as a nurse in private and public healthcare institutions. Given the significant changes in the healthcare system and the considerable need for staff, this field offers many opportunities for full-time and part-time employment. All indicators suggest that this sector will continue to grow due to the aging population, the care of their health by their families, the shift to ambulatory care and the development of the private sector. In addition, once the Diploma of Professional Studies (DVS) is acquired, students can continue their studies with the college program in nursing techniques, designed and written to facilitate the transition from one program to another or from one level of education to another, while avoiding the duplication of learning.

Objectives of the program

The Health, Assistance and Nursing program has been designed so that students can:

  • acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to differentiate between the concepts of health and disease
  • acquire the knowledge and flexibility to understand and apply the techniques taught; establish an effective helping relationship with
  • people with health needs, participate in team life as the modern medical care organization requires; communicate effectively with
  • people with health needs and their families, with their superiors and with other members of the care team
This program is offered in French.
Legal Programs

CDI College’s Paralegal Technology – JCA.1F trains students for employment as professional paralegals. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have gained vast and valuable knowledge in areas such as civil, criminal and administrative law, and will be ready to begin a career helping lawyers and attorneys in their daily duties and tasks. Paralegal grads also acquire general office administration skills and knowledge that can be used in a variety of settings.

The Paralegal Technology – JCA.1F program teaches students to communicate effectively through the use of legal terminology. Working in a law office requires analytical skills and a strong sense of professional ethics, all of which is covered in the program. Graduates will easily be able to manage their time productively, adapting to various constraints and atypical schedules in the workplace.
Graduates of the Paralegal Technology – JCA.1F program will find employment in different environments in the private sector, as well as the public sector (ministries, municipalities, courthouses) as legal researchers and more. Graduates can also further their education to become court stenographers.
This program is offered in English or French.

Well-trained legal assistants are in demand. Law firms, corporate legal departments, and even businesses rely on their legal assistants to manage a broad range of essential tasks on a daily basis. From handling correspondence and preparing legal documents to scheduling meetings and controlling confidential materials, legal administrative assistants are at the heart of any law office. In order to be successful on the job, legal administrative assistants must possess the fundamental knowledge and skills that comes with the right post-secondary education.

The Legal Administrative Assistant program at CDI College prepares students to step into the legal assistant role as soon as they graduate. Students hone crucial administrative skills including knowledge of industry-standard office software, effective business writing, bookkeeping, and general office skills. Along with the principles of Canadian law and general law, they also learn about key areas of the legal field including civil litigation, family law, corporate and commercial law, real estate law, and wills and estate law.
Graduates of the Legal Administrative Assistant program will be able to apply their new skills and knowledge to administration duties in a law office or legal environment.
Technology Programs

CDI College’s Network and Internet Security Specialist program is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in planning, implementing, administering, supporting and securing networked computer systems and their users. Network design, installation, maintenance and management as well as implementation, and operating computer services are rapidly growing areas in the information technology industry. This program will help students develop the network planning, implementation, administration and computer user support skills required to meet employers’ needs in these areas.

Network administrator salary ranges vary dependant on experience, but skilled professionals in this area are well-compensated and in-demand.

This program is offered in English or French.


Programmer Analyst/Internet Solutions Developer jobs are challenging, rewarding and well-paid. CDI College’s Programmer Analyst / Internet Solutions Developer – LEA.9C program prepares students to develop software solutions and applications. The program uses hands-on instruction to teach students to analyze business needs and design solutions; write, manage and troubleshoot programming code and update and maintain existing code.

Students will gain hands-on training in Oriented Programming and mobile application development using JAVA and get on the job experience as a result of their 200-hour work placement program. Graduates will have the requirements to become a computer programmer, software development programmer, or programmer analyst.

This program is offered in English or French.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to this program you must:

  • Have a High School diploma
  • Have successfully completed BLI English level 8 or BLI French level 6 (Official secondary 5 French results are required for Nursing programs)
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A copy of your birth certificate in English or French, notarized and translated
  • A copy of your high school diploma and transcript in English or French, notarized and translated
  • A copy of your CAQ
  • A copy of your study permit
  • Proof of French level (BLI level or Official exam)
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