Different ways to say united states in french

The United States (of America) = Les États-Unis (d’Amérique).

Ok. But what other words & acronyms do the French use to speak about the US in French? And what are the names (and genders) of the individual states in French?

Most of you know that “Les États-Unis” is how we say “United States” in French.

However, there are other options, and translating won’t always work.

How Do You Say United States Of America In French?

“Les États-Unis d’Amérique” is the most precise translation used for ‘United States of America’ in French.

But it’s long, and we’re lazy… So most of the time, the French will only say “Les États-Unis“,  just like you’d say “The United States” in English.

What’s The French Pronunciation Of “Les États-Unis”?

“Les États-Unis” is a great example of liaison in French: there are two strong liaisons in “z”, one after “les” (or “des” or “aux”…) and the other one after the “s” of “états” (note that the t is silent though).


“Les États-Unis” is pronounced [lé zéta zuni]

“Des États-Unis” is pronounced [dé zéta zuni]

“Aux États-Unis” is pronounced [o zéta zuni]


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Do The French Ever Say “Les États” For “The US”?

In English, it’s common to refer to the US by just saying “the States”. In French, “Les États” is not used like that at all.

However in France, it’s quite hip to speak “franglish” and say something like : “et toi… tu connais les States”? – what about you, have you been to the States? Showing off your impeccable American accent!

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